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Strong Island (2017)
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Strong Island (2017)

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Strong Island is a 2017 documentary chronicling the murder of the filmmaker’s older brother in 1992 and the ensuing grief and racial injustice that devastated his family. Although it’s the story of a young and upstanding African-American man shot and killed by a white teenage boy who is later acquitted of murder by an all-white grand jury, the movie takes great pains to place the killing in the broader context of deeply rooted institutional racism.

However, the documentary primarily focuses on the long-term suffering a family experiences as they try to make sense of the senseless — a facet, depth, and nuance rarely seen in the typical mass-media coverage of homicides, especially in the African-American community. As such, there are moments of raw and unflinching expressions of deep sorrow that could be too intense for some viewers.

IMDB (6.4)

Part – 2

Part – 3

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