Alexander Pichushkin

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    Crimes That Shook The World – Season 2 (2009)

    The in-depth stories of some of the most notorious murderers in recent history. Using dramatic reconstruction and expert testimony, this is a forensic account of the perpetrators and the detectives in the crimes that shook the world. IMDB (7.8) Episode 1: Arthur Shawcross – Documentary exploring how Arthur Shawcross murdered 11 women in […]

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    Serial Killers: Chessboard Killer (2006)

    The Chessboard Killer: For Alexander Pichushkin, murder was a game. Police searching his Moscow apartment in June 2006 found a chessboard, with numbers on 61 of the 64 squares. Pichushkin, 32, was eager to explain the symbolism. Each number represented a murder, he said, and his goal was to fill all 64 squares. In […]