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    American Justice: Cop Killers (2000)

    American Justice host Bill Kurtis narrates an hour long look at some of the more infamous cases of criminals who are “cop killers”. Included are the case of Ronald Ray Howard. Howard claimed that he was influenced by the rap music of Tupac Shakur when he shot and killed a Texas State Trooper in […]

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    American Justice: Daughter Dearest (2004)

    On June 28th, 1998 49 year old Vicki Robinson is murdered in Tampa, FL by her 15 year old daughter Valessa and her 19 year old friends Adam Davis, and Jon Whispel. Robinson and Davis were lovers and Vicki Robinson had been trying to discourage their relationship. After the murder all three teenagers went […]

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    American Justice: Dealing with the Devil (2001)

    While in the government witness protection program in 1981, Marion Pruett goes on a crime spree across several states. AKA Sonny Pearson while in the witness protection program he committed a series of robberies and at least five murders that included his wife Pamela Sue Barker. American Justice looks at this case and examines […]

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    American Justice: The Bridge Murders (2005)

    One night in April 1991 Thomas Cummins and his two cousins Julie and Robin Kerry are hanging out on the Chain of Rocks bridge in St. Louis, MO. While on the bridge, Cummins claimed that they were approached and attacked by four young men and that Julie and Robin were raped and all three […]

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    American Justice: The Monster Inside (2002)

    After serving 10 years in a California prison for rape, Rex Allen Krebs is released into society only to commit two more rapes, but this time murdering his victims. American Justice looks at a flawed correctional system that allowed Krebs to be released from prison even after he had asked for help, because he […]

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    American Justice: Who Is the Lipstick Killer? (2002)

    The case of Willaim Heirens is examined by American Justice. Heirens was arrested in 1946 for the murder of 45 year old Josephine Ross, 34 year old Francis Brown, and six year old Suzanne Degnan in Chicago. After the dismembered body of Degnan was found an outraged public and media put intense pressure on […]