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    Silicon Valley’s Online Slave Market (2019)

    BBC News Arabic’s undercover investigation exposes the people in Kuwait breaking local and international laws on modern slavery, including a woman offering a child for sale. At the centre of this powerful investigative film is Fatou, a 16 year old in Kuwait City who has been there for nine months. We follow her rescue […]

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    Silk Road: Drugs, Death and the Dark Web (2017)

    You can view this Storyville film in one of two ways: either as a police procedural, tracking the efforts of multiple US government agencies to take down the internet drugs marketplace Silk Road, or as a philosophical treatise on the souring of a dream. Silk Road’s founder, aka “Dread Pirate Roberts”, wanted to create […]

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    Terror on the Beach (2015)

    A BBC documentary has relived the shocking events of the Sousse attacks. Panorama’s Terror on the Beach special recounted the harrowing events from eyewitnesses, locals, officials and British survivors of the Tunisia hotel attacks. Presented by British journalist and film-maker Jane Corbin it not only told the shocking events that ended with 38 tourists, […]

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    The Angry Brigade (1973)

    Angry Brigade: The Spectacular Rise and Fall of Britain’s First Urban Guerilla Group – This documentary, produced by Gordon Carr for the BBC (and first shown in January 1973, shortly after the trial), covers the roots of the Angry Brigade in the revolutionary ferment of the 1960s, and follows their campaign and the police […]

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    The Brit Who Tried to Kill Trump (2017)

    Michael Sandford, a slim, pale man in T-shirt and trainers walks up to a police officer, his head slightly bowed, and appears to ask a question. After a couple of seconds he makes a fumbled grab for the officer’s gun, then quickly gets pushed to the floor. The crowd around him start to holler […]

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    The Cape of Fear (1993)

    The Cape of Fear (1993) – A year in the life of the “Hard Living” gang in Cape Town South Africa, led by the notorious Staggie twins, who capture a hostage from the rival “Mongrel” gang. Then one of the twins murders a leader of the “American” gang. The ANC tries to avert a […]

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    The Detectives (2015)

    A gripping and dramatic three-part series that gets inside the mind of a new breed of detective, specially trained to investigate sex offences. The programmes show what it is like to tackle the crimes that carry the toughest sentences, yet the lowest conviction rates. BBC Episode 1 – Manhunt This episode follows the first […]

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    The Dog Factory (2015)

    Using secret filming, reporter Sam Poling follows the supply of the multimillion pound world of the dog trade. BBC Scotland says third of all dogs bought these days are believed to have come from puppy mills using unethical breeding methods. This is beyond unacceptable for any human creature, let alone a family pet. During […]

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    The War Game (1965)

    The War Game seeks to inform the British public of the impact a nuclear attack would have on the UK. After confirming that few in the general public know about nuclear energy and its possible impacts the film moves on to suggest there would be forced relocation to sites outside of London, forced billeting […]