Born To Kill

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    The Devil’s Disciple (2013)

    Patrick Mackay is a British serial killer who confessed to murdering eleven people in England in the mid 1970s. As a child, Mackay was frequently a victim of physical abuse at the hands of his violent, alcoholic father Harold. When Mackay was ten, Harold died from complications of alcoholism and a weak heart. His […]

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    The Nightstalker (2012)

    By the age of ten, heavy metal fan Richard Ramirez aka “The Night Stalker” was sleeping in cemeteries. He would go on to spread terror throughout Los Angeles, preying on ordinary citizens as they slept in their homes. The Satan loving, drug fuelled burglar would rape, murder, and mutilate, taking pleasure in making his […]

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    The Sunset Strip Killers (2014)

    Doug Clark, a boiler operator in a soap factory, previously worked at a power station, but was fired due to a high rate of absence and threats of violence he had made against his coworkers. After his marriage failed, he met Carol Bundy in 1980 and began living with her. Clark’s relationship with Bundy […]

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    The Thriller Killers (2014)

    Inseparable since childhood, Loren Herzog and Wesley Shermantine, both now 44, grew up to turn into meth-heads and killers, ultimately getting themselves dubbed the “Speed Freak Killers”. The two frequently used methamphetamine, or speed, while they roamed around California’s San Joaquin County for approximately 15 years, terrorizing the residents of the mostly rural region […]

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    The Vampire of Sacramento (2006)

    Richard Trenton Chase was a cannibalistic and necrophiliac serial/spree killer who was active in California from December, 1977 to January, 1978. Allegedly abused by his mother while growing up, Chase had already fulfilled the MacDonald triad (bed wetting, animal torture and fire-setting) by the age of 10. In adolescence, he was already an alcoholic […]

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    Thor Nis Christiansen: The Hitchhiker Slayer (2014)

    During late 1976 and early 1977, a serial killer was preying on female students at the University of California in Santa Barbara. The first victim was 21-year-old Jacqueline Rook, who went missing from a bus stop in the suburb of Goleta on December 6, 1976. That same day Mary Sarris disappeared, and both women […]