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    The Vampire Rapist (2006)

    Known as the Vampire Rapist for his distinctive modus operandi, Wayne Boden would rape, strangle and bite the breasts of his victims. It was a bite mark that he left on his Calgary victim that proved he was the person responsible for these crimes. Superior evidence gathering and the help of a local orthodontist […]

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    The Victoria Day Shooter (2006)

    On a single rain-soaked night during the Victoria Day weekend, police are called to the scene of three very similar crimes. Three sex-workers found dead only blocks away from each other, and each of them shot in the head execution style. Fear of a serial killer shake the community. Police have few clues to […]

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    The Wells Grey Gunman (2007)

    The Wells Grey Gunman: In August of 1982, six members of the Bentley/Johnson family disappear in the Wells Grey National Park without a trace. Over a month later, the burned out Johnson vehicle is found with the remains of all six family members burnt beyond recognition inside. A massive manhunt for the killer begins, […]