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    The Tattoo Man (2007)

    A weeklong crime spree began with the murder of a young woman, found naked, stabbed and strangled in the closet of an abandoned apartment in London, Ontario. Then, a man was found murdered in a parking garage, bludgeoned to death with a pipe. Now on the run and headed into rural Ontario, Peter John […]

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    The Teenage Terrors (2010)

    School rumours and wiretaps lead police to three teenagers guilty of murder. Six days into 2004, an unidentified man was found stabbed to death just outside of the booming oil city of Calgary, Alberta. Just when the police appeared to have no leads, a witness came forward when he saw an article about the […]

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    The Vampire Rapist (2006)

    Known as the Vampire Rapist for his distinctive modus operandi, Wayne Boden would rape, strangle and bite the breasts of his victims. It was a bite mark that he left on his Calgary victim that proved he was the person responsible for these crimes. Superior evidence gathering and the help of a local orthodontist […]

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    The Victoria Day Shooter (2006)

    On a single rain-soaked night during the Victoria Day weekend, police are called to the scene of three very similar crimes. Three sex-workers found dead only blocks away from each other, and each of them shot in the head execution style. Fear of a serial killer shake the community. Police have few clues to […]

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    The Wells Grey Gunman (2007)

    The Wells Grey Gunman: In August of 1982, six members of the Bentley/Johnson family disappear in the Wells Grey National Park without a trace. Over a month later, the burned out Johnson vehicle is found with the remains of all six family members burnt beyond recognition inside. A massive manhunt for the killer begins, […]