David Parker Ray

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    David Parker Ray : The Sex Chamber (2011)

    On March 22, 1999 a woman, stripped bare save for a metal collar around her neck, was found running down a road in New Mexico. The explanation for the sequence of events was every bit as horrible as might be expected. She was the latest victim of David Parker Ray, a psychopathic sexual sadist […]

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    Most Evil – Season 1 (2006)

    Dr. Michael Stone uses his own “scale of evil” to rank and measure the depravity found within some of the most deadly criminals of all time. Profiles include: Ted Bundy, Dennis Rader (the “BTK” killer), Aileen Wuornos, Tommy Lynn Sells and Jeffrey Dahmer. Forensic psychiatrists, neurologists and psychologists use scientific evidence to understand the […]

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    The Toy Box (2016)

    A state employee (David Parker Ray) wreaks havoc on Southwestern New Mexico, abducting women then keep them captive in his homemade torture chamber, the toy box. It Takes A Killer investigates the world’s most notorious murders and takes you inside the minds of the killers. Expert investigators review evidence, profile each killer’s behavior, and […]