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    Biography: Ottis Toole and Henry Lee Lucas (2004)

    Exactly how many people Henry Lucas and Ottis Toole murdered is a subject of debate. Lucas had been raised by an abusive mother who forced him to copulate with dead animals. He stabbed her to death in 1960, and had been in and out of jail when he and Toole, a cannibal with a […]

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    Death Diploma (1987)

    A shocking look at America’s most notorious and savage murderers. Includes Charles Manson and his family, Kenneth Bianchi “The Hillside Strangler”, Henry Lee Lucas, and Ottis Toole. Has some interview footage and recounts their deeds. imdb IMDB (6.6) Charles Manson @ Murderpedia Kenneth Bianchi @ Murderpedia Henry Lee Lucas @ Murderpedia Ottis Toole @ […]

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    Murder by Numbers (2004)

    An interesting albeit brief look at the history of serial killers in the movies. For the most part, only well known films are covered but they do range from Fritz Lang’s M (1931) to Jonathan Demme’s Silence of the Lambs (1991). The majority of faces on screen belong to critics, authors and professors of […]

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    Myth of a Serial Killer – The Henry Lee Lucas Story (1997)

    American Justice profiles the life of serial killer Henry Lee Lucas from Virginia. Lucas, who killed his mother in 1960, was released from prison in 1970 and went on a killing spree as a drifter. During this time he met up with Ottis Toole and together they killed at least 6 people, but possibly […]