Herbert Mullin

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    Most Evil – Season 2 – Part 1 (2007)

    Dr. Michael Stone uses his own “scale of evil” to rank and measure the depravity found within some of the most deadly criminals of all time. Profiles include: Ted Bundy, Dennis Rader (the “BTK” killer), Aileen Wuornos, Tommy Lynn Sells and Jeffrey Dahmer. Forensic psychiatrists, neurologists and psychologists use scientific evidence to understand the […]

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    Serial Killing Saviour (2012)

    Serial Killing Saviour – Born to Kill: The psychology of Herbert Mullin who murdered 13 people in southern California in the early 1970s but claimed his victims were sacrificed to save the lives of others. The programme explores how investigators brought an end to his crimes and experts discuss what might have driven him […]