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    Las Vegas Hustle (2015)

    From card cheats to armed robbers, criminals across America make a beeline for the Casinos of Las Vegas. To defend themselves casinos have become crime-fighting organizations. Criminals react to casino crackdowns with more inventive means of attack. The casinos need to stay on top. At stake is their very survival. imdb IMDB (unrated)

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    The Black Market (2015)

    Fueled by the huge demand for luxury goods, cargo thieves stop at nothing to get their product into the black market. Police are upping their game and finding new ways to catch criminals in the act. From sting trailer operations to checking every cell phone that crosses the country, police are closing in. imdb […]

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    The Organ Trade (2015)

    In America, 14 people die each day waiting for a kidney transplant. Meanwhile, the black market organ trade is thriving, and gangsters with global reach are pocketing easy money. Desperation drives this illegal trade in human spare parts, but the medical community is sounding the alarm, and international law enforcement is in hot pursuit […]