Yorkshire Ripper

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    Crimes That Shook The World – Season 2 (2009)

    The in-depth stories of some of the most notorious murderers in recent history. Using dramatic reconstruction and expert testimony, this is a forensic account of the perpetrators and the detectives in the crimes that shook the world. iwcmedia.co.uk IMDB (7.8) Episode 1: Arthur Shawcross – Documentary exploring how Arthur Shawcross murdered 11 women in […]

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    Manhunt: The Search for the Yorkshire Ripper (1999)

    Manhunt  made for uncomfortable viewing. The physical grimness of the interviewees, the ugliness of the locations, the crudity of the investigative technology, the belligerence of the murder weapons. Ripper survivor Jane Bower had the kind of demeanour that had never seen youth. One was forced to question for a moment what it had been […]

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    Martin Kemp’s Murder Files – Season 1 (2016)

    Martin Kemp’s Murder Files provides a detailed account of crimes and a step-by-step forensic analysis as to how evil killers were eventually identified. Using archive footage, reconstruction and expert testimony their crimes are laid bare whilst detectives, journalists, friends and leading criminologists offer a rare insight into the methods and motives of the most […]