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Talhotblond (2009)
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Talhotblond (2009)

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Talhotblond is a 2009 documentary, detailing an Internet love triangle which resulted in a real life murder.

Thomas Montgomery (screen name: marinesniper), a 47-year-old married man, pleaded guilty to murdering his 22-year-old co-worker Brian Barrett (screen name: beefcake). The two men were involved in a love triangle with “Jessi”, who they thought to be an 18-year-old girl with the screen name ‘talhotblond’. While both men knew each other from work, neither had ever met “Jessi” in person.

In the beginning of their online relationship, Thomas presented himself as an 18-year-old man named “Tommy” who was in basic training and later deployed. His wife ended the deception when she discovered Thomas’ online relationship and wrote “Jessi”, letting her know that there was no “Tommy.” The two continued to chat, even after this.

It ultimately turned out however, that Thomas was not the only one that wasn’t being truthful about his identity. “Jessi” was a real person, but it was actually her mother, Mary Shieler, who was posing as her daughter, online. Jessi was unaware of her mother’s actions until after Barrett had been murdered and her mother’s role in the case became widely known.

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