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The Chicago Rippers (2015)
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The Chicago Rippers (2015)

Occult Crimes S01E03

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On Dec. 6, 1982, Beverly Washington was found near a railroad track outside of Chicago. Her body was beaten and bruised, her chest had multiple slash wounds across it, and her left breast had been amputated. Despite her injuries and massive blood loss, Washington was alive, avoiding her fate as the last victim of the Chicago Ripper Crew.

In the two years before Washington was found, 18 women had gone missing. Six of them had been found, dead, all of their bodies mutilated, all of them missing their left breasts.

The five women were victims of the Chicago Ripper Crew; a satanic cult headed up by a man named Robin Gecht. Gecht had coerced three followers, Edward Spreitzer and brothers Andrew and Thomas Kokoraleis, that assisted him with his macabre plans for murder and mutilation.

The ripper crew would kidnap women from around Chicago, and bring them back to Gecht’s home, where he had built a makeshift satanic temple in his attic. According to police reports, the room was lit only by candles and contained an altar draped with red cloth. The walls were painted with six red and black crosses.

The attic was the scene of the murders. Gecht would stand over the victims and his three followers, and read passages from the Satanic Bible. While he read, his comrades would rape or torture the victim.

After the body had been mutilated, Gecht would cut the severed breast into pieces, and hand them to his followers. The ripper crew would then eat the flesh as a satanic religious sacrament.

They performed the same ritual seven times, each time disposing of the dead, mutilated body, each time getting away with it.

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