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The Paedophile Hunter – Stinson Hunter (2014)
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The Paedophile Hunter – Stinson Hunter (2014)

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Reason to be alarmed, distressed and worried for the threats on children’s safety in our ‘civilized’ society..
At one point Warwickshire Police asked ‘Stinson Hunter’ to stop his activities in case he was ‘interfering with police investigations’ – Are the police doing enough to protect children from these predators? Obviously not. After all the last documentary put out by them had their department head saying that even if the department had 3-4 times more resources, it would still not be enough.. And that was before the public was widely aware of the institutional corruption and people like Jimmy Saville..

The fact that a victim of abuse came forward after seeing their abuser being outed by Stinson Hunter irrefutably proves that what he was doing was not pointless, and that even if Stinson Hunter’s actions actually served no more than a purpose for personal gratification, such as fame (which they so obviously did not), then at the very least, the byproducts of this endeavor yielded results that were (in relative terms) far superior to that of the British Police.. Successfully catching child abusers and bringing them to justice.

IMDB (7.5)