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They Call Us Monsters (2016)
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They Call Us Monsters (2016)

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From for-profit prisons to the death penalty to massive racial disparities in incarceration to the completely overtaxed public defender system, the horrors of America’s criminal justice system are legion.

America houses 22% of the world’s prisoners, including nearly one third of the world’s female prisoners. The problems of mass incarceration are so varied, complex, and deeply entrenched that to even consider the problem as a whole is like trying to contemplate infinity: the human mind is simply not capable of grasping it. That’s why a documentary like “They Call Us Monsters” is so valuable.

It breaks the problem down into a single, concrete issue — minors being charged as adults and thus receiving extremely long sentences—and breaks that issue down even further into the story of three boys, Jarad, Juan, and Antonio, each facing the possibility of life sentences for their crimes.

IMDB (7.8)