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Out of Thin Air (2017)
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Out of Thin Air (2017)

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Out Of Thin Air picks apart one of the most notorious murder cases in Iceland’s history with forensic precision. Director Dylan Howitt combines diligent detective work in the manner of Errol Morris with dramatic reconstructions that have the look and tension of a fictional Scandi noir-style crime story. The result is a documentary that becomes a fascinating, compelling thriller in its own right.

Out Of Thin Air makes a convincing case that truth and due process were early casualties in the quest for justice.

Combing through a major crime investigation, Out Of Thin Air also finds space to contemplate the wider issues raised over the pursuit of an unreliable truth and the pressures on a police force to deliver a swift resolution to a situation that now seems beyond solution.

More than one person describes the disappearance of teenager Gudmundur Einarsson and thirtysomething Geirfinnur Einarsson in 1974 as a loss of innocence for an Iceland that considered itself a law-abiding, close-knit community far removed from the evils of the world. Neither man’s body was ever found but the assumption of foul play triggered a sense of hysteria that had never previously been experienced in the country.

Six people were eventually sentenced for their part in the two murders. There was no evidence, no damning clues, no eyewitness accounts of what happened, just the statements made by the accused testifying to their own guilt.

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