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Trapped – The underage sex industry in Malaysia (2014)
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Trapped – The underage sex industry in Malaysia (2014)

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A video documentary posted on YouTube has blown the lid off what its creator calls the Malaysian underage sex industry.

Focusing mostly on downtown Kuala Lumpur’s red light districts in Bukit Bintang and Chow Kit, freelance video journalists Rian Maelzer and Mahi Ramakrishnan went in-depth to uncover the illicit business of human trafficking and prostitution of underage girls from around the region.
The video was the culmination of two years of investigative work.

The underage sex workers interviewed and depicted in the 23-minute video, entitled Trapped – The Underage Sex Industry in Malaysia, were from Indonesia, Thailand, India and mainland China.

Some of the sex workers interviewed said they knowingly went into the industry in the hopes of making money for themselves and their families, while another said she was tricked into prostitution after arriving in Malaysia.

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