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Welcome to Leith (2015)
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Welcome to Leith (2015)

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Very early in Welcome to Leith, one of the inhabitants of a small North Dakota town asks us to imagine an evil it didn’t even know existed before it showed up and moved across the street.

That’s just what happened to the 24 isolated inhabitants of tiny Leith when Craig Cobb, an avowed white supremacist, bought up several tracts of land. This new documentary, the latest from Michael Beach Nichols and Christopher K Walker, is filmed like a thriller – but the fact that it actually happened is what’s most terrifying.

Since Leith is so small, Cobb’s plan was to buy up a few of the houses in town and then take over the local government with a bunch of fellow racist separatists so that they’d have the whole town to themselves. To accomplish this goal, he even sold one of his houses for $1 to the National Socialist Movement, a neo-Nazi group.

People flocked to Leith’s defence when Cobb and the cronies who moved on to his property made town meetings and daily life hell for the townsfolk by harassing them, parading around with guns and publishing their personal information on websites to provoke retribution.

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