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Who Cares (2012)
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Who Cares (2012)

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With no narrator and no musical soundtrack, the thread holding Who Cares? together is a man who’s been accosting women on the street with an unusual proposition. It’s OK. He’s a cop, and he’s not trying to bust them. Cpl. Joe Verhaeghe of the RCMP just wants to know who they are, his mission from Project KARE to collect data and DNA samples from women in high-risk lifestyles in the tragic event they are murdered, so their remains can be identified and, hopefully, their killers brought to justice. The program was started in the wake of the Robert Pickton case in Vancouver. Long before the serial killer was caught, women in the sex trade complained to police about him, but as Dransfeld says, “Nobody believed them,” let alone even knew who they were. Pickton told police he had committed 49 murders.

After Vancouver, Edmonton has the highest rate of missing and murdered women in Canada, the filmmaker says.

This story starts in the summer of 2011, as Dransfeld and her crew rode along with the Project KARE task force on its late night rounds – around 118th and 107th Avenues, Stony Plain Road and other areas. They encountered some willing participants, and others who just told the cops where to go. The filmmaker, minus her camera, had spent nights at a now-defunct bar on 95th Street playing pool, earning the trust of the women, some still selling their bodies, some struggling to turn their lives around. Furtive encounters with Johns are documented – obviously no interviews – along with a good deal of in-depth talk with sex workers who felt comfortable enough to open up on camera…

IMDB (5.3)