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WikiLeaks: The Forgotten Man (2012)
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WikiLeaks: The Forgotten Man (2012)

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While many have characterized WikiLeaks boss Julian Assange as a heroic champion of free speech, his ongoing exposé of US foreign policy would not have been possible without the work of Private Bradley Manning, who allegedly released hundreds of thousands of secret US war files and diplomatic cables. Reporter Quentin McDermott tells the inside story of Bradley Manning and his daring intelligence heist. Second only to Julian Assange, Bradley Manning is the most important figure in the WikiLeaks controversy. But, while all eyes are on Assange, Manning is wasting away in solitary confinement. David House is one of the few civilians allowed to visit him. He describes the young soldier’s mental deterioration and his struggle to deal with long hours of confinement, stating that, “the US Government is just trying to put immense pressure on him in order to get him to crack open.” The film includes interviews with Julian Assange, former military analyst Daniel Ellsberg, former WikiLeaks spokesperson Daniel Domscheit-Berg, Manning supporter David House, hacker Adrian Lamo, and New York Times Washington Bureau Chief Dean Baquet.