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Your Worst Nightmare – Season 3 (2017)
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Your Worst Nightmare – Season 3 (2017)

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From monsters hiding in the closet to the boogeyman lurking in nearby shadows, evil can interrupt even the sweetest of dreams. But what happens when a bad dream is actually a waking nightmare? Investigation Discovery’s (ID) new series YOUR WORST NIGHTMARE delivers true, spine-tingling crimes that take viewers on a ride of twists and turns, complete with jump-out-of-their-seats moments and chilling conclusions. YOUR WORST NIGHTMARE uses classic suspense film techniques to follow some of the creepiest, most harrowing crimes ever committed, as these victims’ darkest dreams become unfathomable realities.

Each one-hour episode of YOUR WORST NIGHTMARE features one thriller story interlaced with expert commentary from local authorities, true-crime experts, and psychologists, as well as first-person accounts from friends and families of the victims.

IMDB (6.9)

Episode 1: “Primal Instincts”

On Mother’s Day, first-time mother Tennyson Jacobson fights off a violent intruder during her daughter’s nap time.

Episode 2: “Cabin in the Woods”

The Millers always thought something was off with their oldest son Steven. But as he slips from strange into sinister, there’s no telling how far Steven will go to get his respected New York family’s attention.

Episode 3: “A Night Alone”

College sophomore Gina Tenney discovers she has a stalker, then comes face to face with her tormentor and realizes she knows him.


Episode 4: “Secret Rage”

For 17-year-old Sarah Wisnosky, college is all about new experiences. So when she catches the eye of a flirty frat boy, she’s happy to play along. But soon, she discovers he’s hiding a dark secret. Can Sarah break things off before it’s too late?

Episode 5: “Cooking with Fire”

After leaving a violent ex-husband and firing a problem employee, 21-year-old Cathy Whitehead is happy to build a life with the man of her dreams. But when a stranger shows up on her doorstep one night, she’s soon caught up in the web of a familiar foe.

Episode 6: “Black Widow”

One month after becoming involved intimately with Catherine Mahaffey, Gary Taylor realizes he’s made a terrible mistake.

Episode 7: “Blood in the Barn”

Frankie Cochran falls for handsome David Gehrard, then his behavior begins to alarm Cochran, making her wonder if a secret from Gehrard’s past holds more meaning than she thought.

Episode 8: “Domestic Disturbance”

With a new home and loving fiancé, single mom Lisa Filiaggi finally feels like luck is on her side. That is until troubles from her past come back to haunt her and threaten to destroy all her future plans.

Episode 9: “Into the Wild”

While out for a run in the Montana wilderness, 22-year-old college student Kari Swensen is taken prisoner by two mountain men. When she learns of their twisted plans for her, she’ll do everything she can to escape or die trying.

Episode 10: “Shadow Walker”

Sandi Musk begins casually seeing Andy LeFleur, a much younger man, who becomes obsessed with her and when she tries to break ties with him, finds her life is in danger.