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    A Cry from the Grave (1999)

    Why were the Dutch peacekeepers so obedient, passively standing by in Srebrenica while innocent civilians were killed? This is one of the confrontational questions posed in A Cry from the Grave by Hasan Nuhanovic, a former UN interpreter for the Dutch peacekeepers stationed in Srebrenica who has fought for justice for victims and survivors […]

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    Action: The October Crisis of 1970 (1974)

    The October Crisis (French: La crise d’octobre) was a series of events triggered by two kidnappings of government officials by members of the Front de libération du Québec (FLQ) during October 1970 in the province of Quebec, mainly in the Montreal metropolitan area. The circumstances ultimately culminated in the only peacetime use of the […]

  • Baader-Meinhof

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    Baader-Meinhof: In Love with Terror (2002)

    In October 1977, the leadership of the German leftwing terrorist group Baader-Meinhof, died in a German high-security prison. Their apparent suicides hailed the end of a long and bloody struggle to start a revolution in one of the world’s richest democracies. 25 years on In Love With Terror traces this astonishing story through extraordinary […]

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    BBC Northern Ireland – Bloody Friday (2012)

    On a Friday afternoon in the summer of 1972, the Provisional IRA exploded 19 bombs across Belfast in little over an hour. Nine people were killed and 130 injured. The dead included four teenagers. The youngest victim was a 14 year-old schoolboy, the oldest was a 68 year-old woman. The British government responded by […]

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    Bonnie & Clyde (2016)

    In the spring of 1934, throngs of onlookers flocked to two Dallas funeral homes hoping to catch a last glimpse of the famous outlaws Clyde Barrow and Bonnie Parker. For over two years the country had been transfixed by their illicit romance and violent crime spree that left a trail of dead bodies in […]

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    Britain’s Outlaws: Highwaymen, Pirates and Rogues (2015)

    Historian Sam Willis explores the criminal underworld of Britain in the 17th and 18th centuries, beginning with the arrival of the highwayman in the wake of the English Civil War. Heavily romanticised in literature, these glamorous gangsters became a social menace on the roads and a political thorn in the side of the creaking […]

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    Burma VJ: Reporting from a Closed Country (2008)

    Anders Østergaard’s award-winning documentary shows a rare inside look into the 2007 uprising in Myanmar through the cameras of the independent journalist group, Democratic Voice of Burma. While 100,000 people (including thousands of Buddhist monks) took to the streets to protest the repressive regime that has held them hostage for over 40 years, foreign […]

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    Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid (2014)

    Long before Paul Newman and Robert Redford immortalized them on screen, Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid captivated Americans from coast to coast. In the 1890s, their exploits robbing banks and trains in the West and then seemingly vanishing into thin air became national news and the basis of rumors and myth. But who […]

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    Case Reopened: Lizzie Borden (1999)

    Lizzie Andrew Borden (July 19, 1860 – June 1, 1927) was an American woman who gained infamy in being tried and acquitted for the 1892 axe murders of her father and stepmother in Fall River, Massachusetts. The case was a cause célèbre throughout the United States. Following her release from the prison in which […]

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    Catching History’s Criminals: The Forensics Story (2015)

    Sherlock has his mind palace, Morse his music – every detective has an edge. For most, it’s forensic science. This three-part series provides a rare and fascinating insight into the secret history of catching murderers, charting two centuries of the breakthroughs that have changed the course of justice. Surgeon and writer Gabriel Weston explores […]