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H*Commerce (2009)
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H*Commerce (2009)

The Business of Hacking You

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The main narrative follows the story of Sweet Home, Oregon resident Janella Spears, who falls victim to an elaborate Nigerian 419 scam. Initiated by e-mail, the scammers promise Spears and her family the return of a dead relative’s lost fortune. Interested in her family’s genealogy and persuaded by a death certificate purported to be her relative’s, Spears eventually loses US$440,000.

The series also features Denver, Colorado-based computer forensics expert Chris Roberts, who provides both counseling and technical support to the Spears family as they deal with the emotional challenges brought about by their mounting debt, as well as the resultant anger and distrust.

Roberts also demonstrates how an open wireless network can provide a criminal with the data necessary to commit identity fraud, among other Internet crimes, and how he can surreptitiously access Bluetooth-enabled devices in surrounding cars on a crowded freeway.

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