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The Poughkeepsie Killer (2012)
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The Poughkeepsie Killer (2012)

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In a small city just over an hour north of Manhattan, New York City, lurked a macabre and frightening serial killer between 1996 and 1998, Kendall Francois.

Residents and police investigators from Poughkeepsie, NY in Dutchess County were being terrorized and mystified between 1996 and 1998 by the disappearances of eight women, Wendy Meyers, Gina Barone, Kathleen Hurley, Catherine Marsh, Mary Healy Giaccone, Michelle Eason, Sandra Jean French and Catina Newmaster, all thought to be prostitutes. Nevertheless, still human beings who had unknowingly become victims of a violent and terrifying demise by the hands of Kendall Francois within his house of horrors.

The pathology of serial killers can be categorized by investigative profilers as either Organized/nonsocial offender’s, who usually have high IQ’s similar to that of Ted Bundy and the Disorganized/asocial offender’s defined by the serial murders of Kendall Francois. One universal element that should be noted when trying to look into the mind of a serial killer is their need for domination, usually in the form of a sexual manner. Here is how this true crime of a serial killer unfolded.

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