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Las Vegas Law (2016-)
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Las Vegas Law (2016-)

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Las Vegas prosecutors practicing law–being themselves; going after the proverbial “bad guy.” Real crime, real evidence, real justice… just the facts.

Episode 1: The Evil Men Do (2016)

A man faces the death penalty for three murders on the iconic Strip in Las Vegas; a male massage therapist is charged with sexually abusing two female clients.

Episode 2: Burden of Proof (2016)

Two out-of-towners meet at an infamous Las Vegas nightclub, with the night ending in alleged sexual assault.

Episode 3: Out of Control (2016)

A man is charged with kidnapping and battery of his female friend. Across town, a petty thief is shot by a store clerk over a case of beer.

Episode 4: A Few Bad Men (2016)

A young man is accused of “trick rolling” another man — robbing a John as he arrives to pay for sex with a prostitute; two men carjack an elderly couple at gunpoint and go on to rob another man that same night as he leaves for work.

Episode 5: Wrong Place, Wrong Time (2016)

A female police sergeant is brutally assaulted by a man she’s attempting to arrest; an innocent teenage boy is caught in the crossfire between two young men vying for the affection of the same girl.

Episode 6: Cold Justice (2016)

A man goes on trial for the beating death of his wife; a retired homicide detective teams up with the DA’s office to shed new light on the cold case of a 17-year-old girl found encased in concrete in the desert.

IMDB (6.7)

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