A Crime to Remember

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    A Crime to Remember – Season 1 (2013)

    Re-live the most provocative murder cases of the ‘50s and ‘60s. College girls are brutally murdered by one of the nation’s first known serial killers, young professional women in New York fear for their lives when two roommates are stabbed 60 times, a commercial flight is sabotaged, and a missing couple leaves behind a […]

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    A Crime to Remember – Season 2 (2014)

    Long-forgotten cases are brought to life with new details. When a millionaire is found slain in 1964, detectives are swept into a twisted tale of incest and secret homosexual liaisons. A woman is raped and stabbed to death while onlookers watch and do nothing. And the case of Ruby McCollum, a shooting in the […]

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    A Crime to Remember – Season 4 (2016 / 2017)

    Styles may change but murder lasts forever. In A Crime to Remember, the series looks back into the past and reveals the intricacies of real-life murders of the 50’s and 60’s. Each story is told by someone who knew the victim and reporters comment on how the murder and investigation impacted society at the […]