Britain’s Darkest Taboos

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    Five Murders, One Family… One Killer (2012)

    Michael Tranter said the high court battle over the legality of whole-term prison sentences for the worst murder cases had brought his own family tragedy back into sharp focus. Now that it has been declared legal to impose sentences which mean murderers die in prison, Mr Tranter said the same penalty should apply to […]

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    I Had My Killer Brother’s Baby (2012)

    When Vicky Jagger was growing up she idolised her big brother David. Their mother worshipped the ground he walked on and as far as she was concerned, David could do no wrong. But then he betrayed little Vicky in the most shocking way imaginable. David began raping his sister. Vicky’s happy home life was […]

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    Killed by Her Pen Pal Lover (2012)

    Carly Fairhurst, of Hindley, Lancs, was an impressionable teenager who knew the local tearaway when Darren Pilkington was jailed in 2001 for punching and killing a man outside a pub in Wigan. When she heard Pilkington was looking for a prison pen pal she began writing at the age of 15, and hid it […]

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    Murdered for a Free Breakfast (2012)

    Joshua Davies, 16, lured Rebecca Aylward, 15, to a secluded wood and then used a rock the size of a rugby ball to smash her skull with at least six brutal blows to the back of the head. Davies then went to a friend’s house where he drank tea and bragged about what he […]

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    Violence, Drugs and Prostitution: The Murder of Kirsty Grabham (2012)

    A heartbroken mother whose daughter Kirsty Grabham was killed by a violent partner says the man responsible now has the blood of her other girl on his hands. Distraught Catherine Bloomfield has revealed how she is suffering double heartache after daughter Hayley Wilkinson drank herself to death after losing her little sister Kirsty Grabham. […]