The Deadliest Decade

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    The Black Monday Murder (2016)

    On the October weekend following the Black Monday stock-market crash of 1987, wealthy stockbroker Joe Pikul bludgeoned and strangled to death his wife, Diane, a publisher’s assistant whom he’d met at an AA meeting. When arrested a few days later, Joe Pikul was found to be wearing a bra and panties and turned out […]

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    The Cheerleader Murder (2016)

    A popular and pretty cheerleader, Kirsten Costas, was dead, and sheriff’s deputies were searching for the girl who stabbed her. The day after the murder in June 1984, rumors had already spread at the tennis courts, down oak-shaded lanes and at poolside. Some claimed it was an act of Satanism or a PCP-induced killing. […]

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    The Heartland Massacre (2016)

    To the police, the clergy and the farm crisis experts, the killing frenzy here attributed to a 14-year-old farm boy, seemingly pushed to the breaking point by searing poverty and a relentless workload, had made a kind of tragic sense. But it did not make sense to everyone at the coffee shops, the fire […]

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    The Preppy Murder (2016)

    For the young crowd at Dorrian’s Red Hand, the early-morning scene on August 26 was like an unplanned reunion. Many of the regulars at the Upper East Side bar were just back from their holidays, and they table-hopped eagerly—drinking and laughing, embracing friends they hadn’t seen over the summer. “We were all in there […]

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    The Real Fatal Attraction (2016)

    Carolyn Warmus grew up in Birmingham, Michigan. She was the daughter of a self-made millionaire who accumulated his wealth through the insurance business. Carolyn had a history of stalking her lovers. One of her former boyfriends, Paul Laven, actually went so far as to obtained a restraining order against her after she waged a […]

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    The Yuppie Murder (2016)

    After dinner at a restaurant last September, a close friend says, Charles Stuart complained that he had noticed something about his pregnant wife, Carol, that he had never seen before, “that she had the upper hand” in their marriage. As the friend, David F. MacLean, recalled last week, Mr. Stuart was upset that his […]