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She Never Came Home (2017)
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She Never Came Home (2017)

Cold Case Files 2017

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An after school detention could have saved a girl who was found dead in a ditch after school. On the next Cold Case Files on A&E, the sad story of Tina Faelz will be told. Authorities say that Tina Faelz, a freshman at Foothill High School, was murdered by Steven Carlson, an old classmate. The cold case went unsolved for almost three decades before Steven Carlson was finally brought to justice. On Cold Case Files‘ episode, “She Never Came Home,” listen for details and follow the footsteps of investigators as they search for clues to solve this old crime.

She was supposed to go to detention that day. However, Tina Faelz decided to skip and headed home instead. That turned out to be the mistake of her life. What she didn’t know was that someone was watching her — someone who had every intention of making sure that Tina never arrived home.

Tina Faelz’s dead body was found in Pleasanton, California. According to an autopsy report, she had been stabbed 44 times. Her purse hung in a tree near the body. There was little evidence for police to go on, and since technology wasn’t what it is today, the case came to a screeching halt.

Who wanted Tina Faelz dead? There were no clues and a ton of suspects. Authorities say Tina was being bullied at school, which seemed like a viable theory to explore. But nothing ever came of that, either.

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