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When Kids Kill – Season 1 (2016)
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When Kids Kill – Season 1 (2016)

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When Kids Kill: This documentary series, fronted by Guardian journalist Leah Green, delves inside the minds of Britain’s most terrifying young murderers, telling the stories of some of Britain’s most high profile child murderers in forensic and chillingly accurate detail.

Across the series, each episode will feature one young killer; looking at their gruesome downfall from kid to convicted criminal, exploring the reasons behind their murderous actions.

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Episode 1: “Bullied to Death”

An investigation into the case of teenagers Hatice Can and Oluwakemi Ajose, who were convicted of the manslaughter of Rosimeiri Boxall in 2009. Presented by Leah Green.

Episode 2: “Predator Online”

Leah Green presents this documentary investigating the case of 18-year-old Lewis Daynes, who exploited schoolboy Breck Bednar’s career aspirations in order to groom him online before killing him. Leah speaks to Breck’s mother, who is determined to improve other children’s awareness of online dangers.

Episode 3: “Schoolboy Slayer”

Leah Green examines the case of schoolboy William Cornick, who stabbed his Spanish teacher Ann Maguire seven times in the back in front of his classmates.

Episode 4: “Catfish Killer”

Leah Green examines the case of teenage karate instructor Tony Bushby, who used social media to ensnare art student Katie Wynter, before killing her on Boxing Day of 2011.

Episode 5: “Date with Death”

Leah Green hopes to discover the signs of domestic abuse as she examines the case of 16-year-old Joshua Davies, who murdered his 15-year-old girlfriend Rebecca Aylward.

Episode 6: “Britain’s Youngest Serial Killer”

Leah Green investigates the motives of James Fairweather, the `Schoolboy Killer’ who stabbed to death two people in Colchester in 2014, when he was 15 years old.

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